Godzilla - 833

Cool costume lenses

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Godzilla - 833

Are you ready to tear down cities and crush everyone who crosses your path? Get the cold lizard eyes of the most famous Japanese Kaiju that ever appeared onscreen and conquer the world!

62 % Polymacon
38 % Water

Use for a maximum of 8 hours per day

Do not sleep while wearing contact lenses

 Do no share contact lenses

Use only fresh contact lens disinfecting solution in your case
Never water or saliva

Keep water away from your contact lenses 

Rub and rise your contact lenses with contact lens disinfecting solution

Do not wear dammaged and/or unclean contact lenses

Do not wear contact lenses if you're using eye medication
 2 lenses per box (left & right eye)
5 year shelf life
3 month usage
 Base Curve: 8.8mm, Diameter: 14.5mm
Green, white & black

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